Dental sedation in Jacksonville is a staple for most dental procedures, helping patients feel calm and relaxed during treatment. It’s especially useful for patients with dental phobia and sensitive gag reflexes. However, misconceptions about dental sedation might give you the wrong picture of an otherwise useful dental process. Below, we’ll debunk some of the most common dental sedation myths so you can be comfortable with your next dental procedure. Let’s get right into it.

#1: Sedation Is Only for Adults

It’s hard for some people to conceive that sedatives like nitrous oxide and others could be okay for children. Their tiny frames just won’t be able to handle the potent sedatives. However, dental sedation is safe for children and adults alike. 

Your Jacksonville dentist will determine the required dosage for the sedation, depending on the age and health condition. Children require only minimal doses since too much could do more harm than good. Still, they qualify for all types of sedation, including IV and general sedation.

#2: Sedation Is Dangerous

This is arguably the most prevalent and ill-conceived myth about dental sedation that has no bearing in the real world. Sedation is perfectly safe for patients of all ages and genders. However, it might be dangerous for pregnant women, especially during the first trimester, which is crucial for fetus development.

Sedation can also be dangerous if administered by an unlicensed dental practitioner without proper knowledge of sedation techniques and the required dosages. Remember, too much sedation can lead to respiratory problems and low blood pressure. Only settle for licensed dentists for your sedation to be safe.

#3: Sedation Will Make My Child Unconscious

Parents are naturally caring, and most of them would hate to see their child unconscious. One myth that holds little truth is that sedation will make your child unconscious. This is partially true because some forms of sedation can knock your child unconscious or put them to sleep. However, this form of sedation is only necessary for highly invasive and complex surgeries. This sedation technique is perfectly safe.

#4: All Sedation Is the Same

Another far-fetched notion about sedation is that all sedation is the same and involves knocking the patient unconscious. This isn’t true because there are many types of sedation, including laughing gas, oral consciousness, IV, and general sedation. The type of sedation technique employed depends on a couple of factors, like age and the type of dental complication.

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