They are the premier tooth replacement option for many reasons, but you’ll still need to make good choices after your dental implant surgery in order to ensure the best outcome for your oral health.

You need to be taking all the right precautions to optimize your recovery so your implants can fully heal and strengthen. Read on to learn from your implant dentist in Jacksonville about which things you should be avoiding so you can lower your risk of a dental implant failure.

Drinking with Straws

When you use a straw to drink, you create suction in your mouth and can potentially dislodge the blood clot that has formed over the implant site. This can lead to a condition known as “dry socket” which is very painful. You should also avoid drinking carbonated beverages, as they can irritate the gum tissue around the implant site.

Hard and Hot Foods

After your implant placement surgery, maintain a soft food diet for the first few days afterward. Stay away from hot and spicing foods as well. Try chewing on the opposite side of the mouth as your dental implants. This way, you won’t accidentally interrupt the healing process.

Intense Exercise

Intense physical activity can increase the blood flow and lead to bleeding in the area where your implants were placed. For the first few days after surgery, take it easy. Avoid strenuous exercise and ensure that you are putting plenty of time aside for rest.

Rinsing Vigorously

Don’t rinse your mouth too excessively during the initial recovery period after your surgery. This can disturb the surgical site and cause bleeding. When you are cleaning your teeth, swish mouthwash and water around your mouth very gently. Do not spit either. Instead, just allow the liquid to flow out of your mouth over the sink.

Quit Using Tobacco Products Before Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implants rely on a process called “osseointegration. This is when the jawbone develops and grows around the implants. If you’re smoking tobacco, this can affect the healing process.

You should refrain from smoking or using tobacco products for at least a week before and several months after your procedure. Of course, this is also an excellent time for you to give up the bad habit for good if you choose to.

To help your recovery process go smoothly, definitely avoid the activities and items listed above. This will help you secure the future of your smile upgrade!

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