MOSH (Museum Of Science & History)

The Museum of Science & History (formerly the Florida Museum of Natural History) is a science museum with over 100 exhibits, including a mini-zoo, aquarium and other attractions that kids will love. The Museum is also home to some pretty amazing dinosaur fossils. It has been ranked as one of the top science museums in the nation. If you have kids who are into dinosaurs and exploration, they’ll love the dinosaur exhibit at the Museum. In addition to fossils, you’ll find stuffed dinos, dino egg replicas, models and more. And did you know there are even more dinosaur species discovered in Florida? That’s right…there are more than 200 different dinosaur types found here! What makes this experience so special? Let’s take a look at some of its features. You can visit this amazing destination at 1025 Museum Cir, Jacksonville, FL 32207. Next blog post.

– The Museum of Science & History is open every day of the year, including Mondays. – Please note that tickets are required to enter the Museum. You can buy tickets online, at the Museum’s box office, or purchase a combo ticket (which includes the Museum and the IMAX Theater) online. – There is no parking available at the Museum, but there are plenty of parking lots nearby. – You cannot bring food or drinks into the Museum. – You will likely see families with strollers at the Museum. – Alligators, snakes and other wild animals are not allowed in the Museum.

– Hands-on exhibits – You can explore the Museum’s marine life, the Great Growing Up exhibit and the Great Minds exhibit. Kids will love exploring exhibits that highlight the planets, stars and galaxies. – IMAX Theater – This giant-screen movie experience is the largest of its kind in the world. You can watch a variety of films, including documentaries, nature documentaries and more. – Mini-zoo – You can get up close with a variety of animals in the mini-zoo, including monkeys, a sloth, an elephant and more. The mini-zoo is free with a Museum admission ticket. – Florida Natural History Center – This is the Museum’s main attraction. The Center houses a variety of exhibits, including the Great Growing Up exhibit, the Great Minds exhibit and the Endangered Species exhibit. Check it out here.

– You can see the Museum’s dinosaur fossils, as well as artifacts from around the world, in the Florida Natural History Center. – The Museum’s exhibits are designed for kids of all ages, with hands-on activities and a lot of information about the natural world.

– The Center’s exhibits are designed for older kids and adults, so if your family isn’t ready for the Center, you may want to try exploring some of the Museum’s other exhibits first. – The Museum is a fairly large facility and may take some time to see everything.

The Museum of Science & History is an amazing place to learn about the world and its amazing creatures. The hands-on exploration is great for kids, and the dinosaurs exhibit is a Florida classic that is worth the visit alone. The Florida Natural History Center also features some really amazing exhibits, and the IMAX Theater is worth visiting for fun science films.