Kona Skate Park

Skate parks are popping up everywhere, from big-city metropolises to small towns. Kona Skate Park is based in Jacksonville, Florida and is one of the best skate parks in the country. It is located at 8739 Kona Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32211.  With a well-designed layout and excellent features such as half-pipes, banks, kickers, mini-ramps and street sections, Kona Skate Park is an awesome spot for skating enthusiasts of all levels. Kona Skate Park is located on 81 acres of land just minutes south of downtown Jacksonville in Killeen Gardens. The park is open 6 days a week until 9 pm (or later) and admission costs $10 per person. Hours may vary slightly throughout the year depending on maintenance needs at the park. Check the website before you go or call ahead to confirm hours of operation. Click for more info. 

Kona Skate Park is located in Jacksonville, Florida, about an hour west of the city of Tampa and an hour southeast of the city of Orlando. From Tampa, take I-75 north until you get to exit 249. Head west on Scenic Highway 129 (this is the start of the famous Silver King Trail), and you’ll reach Kona Skate Park in 15 minutes. Alternatively, you can get to Jacksonville from Tampa International Airport by rental car. If you’re renting a car, be sure to note that the airport is about a 15-minute drive from downtown Jacksonville. If you’re flying in to Jacksonville International Airport, you can either take a taxi or ride a shuttle bus to downtown Jacksonville for about $25.

When you visit Kona Skate Park in Jacksonville, Florida, you’ll find an incredible range of skatepark features. Specifically, there are vert ramps, street sections, bowls, banks, banks, ledges and transition sections. The transition sections allow skaters to seamlessly transition from one type of feature to another, such as the street section to a bowl. What makes Kona Skate Park a particularly great place to learn is that there are a few half-pipes and flat bars to help you improve your skating. Additionally, you can join the Kona Park Skate Club to help you learn more, as the park sponsors a skate club. Basically, if you’re looking to skate in a safe, professional and fun environment, Kona Skate Park is a great choice. Next blog post.

In addition to skating and learning skateboarding, Kona Skate Park also offers archery, mini-golf and rock climbing. You can find out more about the park’s activities through the website or by calling the park. Activities can vary, so it’s important to call before going to ensure you know what’s available.

Since Kona Skate Park is based in Jacksonville, Florida, you’re also going to want to check out Jacksonville Skatepark, a park that’s a short drive away. Jacksonville Skatepark is also a great skate park and is worth visiting if you’re visiting Jacksonville. If staying in Jacksonville, you’ll also want to check out Kona Skate Park, as it’s a great place to visit.