Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross Blue Shield

If you enjoy the benefits that come from dental insurance, then there’s a good chance you need to see an in-network dentist in order to receive the most from your coverage. That’s why Dr. Jignesh Patel and his staff at Dental Center of Jacksonville are in-network with several dental insurance carriers including Blue Cross Blue Shield.

As your Blue Cross Blue Shield dentist in Jacksonville, Dr. Patel is able to provide you and your family with dental care that is top-notch and affordable.

Your Smile and Your General Health

Obviously, the condition of your teeth and gums impacts your smile. But did you also know that your oral health influences your overall health? The same bacteria that can cause tooth decay and gum disease could also be responsible for other systemic health concerns such as diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure and even heart attacks.

That’s why Dr. Patel and Blue Cross Blue Shield—know here as Florida Blue—encourage twice-yearly dental checkups. Your BCBS dental insurance in Jacksonville covers preventive services such as dental cleanings and exams as well as digital X-rays with the goal of stopping cavities, gum disease and tooth infection before they even have a chance to start.

The Advantages of Seeing an In-Network Dentist

When you see your in-network Blue Cross Blue Shield dentist in Jacksonville, all you have to do is get to our office! After that, we’ll take care of the rest. For preventive services that are fully covered, there is no charge. For other services, you simply pay the portion that is your responsibility at the time of your appointment. Our office staff fills out all the necessary paperwork so Blue Cross Blue Shield can reimburse us directly. 

Know Your Dental Insurance Benefits

You can talk to your BCBS representative or we’ll be glad to help you understand the details of your plan. Knowing what your dental insurance covers will help you take full advantage of the benefits you pay for.

Blue Cross Blue Shield offers a number of individual plans as well as coverage you can receive through your employers. In addition to two annual dental checkups, other preventive services may be included such as fluoride treatments and dental sealants for children.

Restorative services are often partially covered. So, for example, if you need a filling, dental crown or even a root canal, the treatment can be quite affordable thanks to the benefits your receive from Florida Blue.

And while dental implants are not covered, some of the preparatory work as well as the appropriate tooth restoration—a dental crown or bridge—may be partially covered.

Visit Your Blue Cross Blue Shield Dentist in Jacksonville!

You and your family deserve dental care that is high quality and affordable. We’re happy to accept your BCBS dental insurance! Please Book an Appointment with the Dental Center of Jacksonville today.

You Are Always Welcome.

At Dental Center of Jacksonville, maintaining the comfort and relaxation of our valued patients is always a top priority! That’s why our team has invested in enjoyable amenities and comfort-based technology – we want you and your family to feel at ease during each and every appointment. Contact us today to schedule your first visit, or if you have any questions or concerns our team can help you with.