Many people love drinking a fresh morning cup of coffee. With it’s warm and tasty delight, it can give you the energy to start the day off right! But what if you’re going through Invisalign treatment? Can you still drink it while wearing your trays? Read on to learn why you might want to avoid coffee with Invisalign on and how you can work around the situation.

Why You Shouldn’t Drink Coffee With Invisalign On

Other than pure water, you should never drink or eat anything while wearing your Invisalign trays. This is especially the case with coffee. Here are several risks of drinking a cup of joe with your aligners on:

  • Trays may warp: Coffee is generally served hot or warm. While this can be comforting in the morning, it can potentially harm your trays. Invisalign aligners are heat-sensitive, meaning coffee can warp and permanently damage them.
  • Discoloration and stains: Since coffee is dark, it can stain your clear aligners as well as your teeth. This can happen if the liquid becomes trapped between your teeth and Invisalign trays. Once stained, your treatment won’t be discreet like it was designed to be.
  • Increased risk of tooth decay: Not only do people put a lot of cream and sugar in it, but coffee is also acidic. If you drink it with your aligners on, you can raise your risk of tooth decay.

How You Can Still Enjoy Coffee During Invisalign Treatment

While you should definitely avoid drinking coffee with Invisalign trays on, you can always enjoy it when you aren’t wearing them! Before you start, make sure to store your aligners safely in their case or soak them in cleaning crystals. After finishing your morning cup of joe, always brush or rinse your teeth and trays prior to putting them back on.

Additionally, you’ll want to drink your coffee quickly instead of sipping on it for an hour or two. Doing so can keep you on track with your 20–22-hour wear time. To prevent the risk of cavities or bacteria collecting on your trays, try reducing how much cream and sugar you add in your cup.

Though Invisalign can be delicate, you can still enjoy coffee by making a few minor adjustments. By practicing these habits, you’ll be sure to enjoy a smoother process to achieve a brilliantly straight smile!

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