If you have experienced chronic pain from a specific tooth, you may want to throw in the towel and extract it all together. After all, if it is no longer there, then it can’t continue to cause you problems and discomfort, right? Unfortunately, extracting your tooth isn’t always that simple. If you are considering removing your tooth, your root canal specialist in Jacksonville is here to share three reasons why saving your natural tooth is the preferable option.

Reason #1: Saving Your Natural Tooth Is Safer

Complications and side effects are a risk with any medical procedure. However, extractions leave you prone to excessive bleeding, adjacent teeth moving, infections, and sinus perforation. Even worse, the infection from your tooth can spread through the bloodstream and lead to additional problems. Therefore, many dentists recommend saving your natural tooth whenever possible to avoid these potentially problematic consequences.

Reason #2: Extractions Can Be Painful

Underdoing an extraction may seem like the best option; however, removing an adult tooth is more complex than losing a baby tooth. As an adult, the roots of your teeth have grown deep down into your gums. Therefore, your dentist may have to crack your tooth, which can be considerably more painful than root canal therapy. In fact, many patients report that undergoing a root canal is no more painful than a routine filling.

Reason #3: Preserving Your Natural Teeth Can Save You Money

When comparing the price of a root canal and extraction, it may initially seem like opting for the extraction is the way to go. However, to properly compare the pricing, you need to consider additional costs that are involved in removing your tooth. For example, you will need an implant, partial dentures, or a veneer to replace the gap in your smile so you can properly chew. Plus, there are additional costs involved in the maintenance and potential replacement of these options. Therefore, root canals end up being more cost-effective in the long run.

Before asking your dentist for an extraction, make sure to consider the above three reasons why saving your natural tooth may be a better option for you. That way, you can get the long-lasting treatment you need for a beautiful smile, strong bite, and pain-free day!

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