Dentures in Jacksonville are an excellent choice when it comes to rebuilding your smile. These dental devices offer a quick, affordable, and easy way to replace your missing teeth and get back to enjoying a complete smile! While you will be able to enjoy your new appearance right away, it may take a little while to adjust to them completely. These seven practical tips can help you learn to navigate your daily diet with your new teeth.

Tip #1 Give Yourself a Soft Start

Your gums need time to adapt to the pressure placed on them by your new dentures. For the first few days with your new smile, avoid eating hard, crunchy, and chewy foods and stick to softer items like ice cream, mashed potatoes, and apple sauce.

Tip #2 Practice Chewing Evenly

Many people unconsciously chew with one side of their mouth more than the other, but this could cause your dentures to pop out of place as you eat. Chew your meals slowly and remind yourself to use both sides of your mouth evenly.

Tip #3 Be Wary of Hot Foods

Dentures insulate your mouth, so you may not realize how hot a food or drink is until it is in your mouth. Take small bites or sips of items like lasagna, pizza, soup, or hot chocolate to keep from burning yourself.

Tip #4 Some Extra Saliva is Normal

As your mouth gets used to your new dental device, you may naturally start to produce extra saliva. This should subside in a few days, but you can suck on a piece of hard, sugarless candy to encourage more swallowing if it bothers you.

Tip #5 Take Small Bites

Taking smaller bites or cutting your food into smaller pieces reduces the pressure placed on your gums and makes items easier to eat. As an added bonus, this practice can help with digestion as well!

Tip #6 Don’t Forget to Clean Them

Your new dentures will accumulate plaque and bacteria throughout the day just like natural teeth would. A buildup of these particles can cause oral infections, gum disease, and other health issues, so it’s important to clean them regularly every day with a mild hand soap or denture cleanser.

Tip #7 Remember to be Patient

Dentures are an excellent way to regain your beautiful, functional, and comfortable smile. However, your mouth needs enough time to get used to them first. It is natural to feel some initial soreness in your gums or jaw, but this discomfort should pass within a few days. If your dentures continue to be uncomfortable or are causing sores on your gums, do not hesitate to see your dentist for readjustments.

Keeping these seven easy tips in mind can make learning to eat with your new smile easier. With a little practice, you will be enjoying your meals without a second thought in no time!

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